Monster Patrol

The Legend Continues

What can you say - a true legend of American Monster Trucks. One of the genuine originals.

Paul Shafer established the Monster Patrol Racing Team twenty long years ago. Prior to this, Paul raced the "Mud Patrol" mud racer.

In early to mid nineties, Monster Patrol was one of 'THE' trucks to beat.

By 1997, he proved his class and stature by winning the TJM World Championship.

Throughout all these years, Monster Patrol starred in over fifty shows per year across USA and Canada.

Nowadays, Monster Patrol, famous for his flashing lights on the roof and giant wing at the rear, is seen on many continents through out the Americas, Australia and Asia.

Originally part of the DARE program, because of its incredible history and reputation, Monster Patrol is still one of the most sought after trucks for Fairs, Festivals, Speedways and Conventions.

Today Monster Patrol boasts a comprehensive Merchandise range and Media Kit.