We are proud to say that Paul Shafer Motorsports owns 3 time World Champion Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Carolina Crusher, Taurus, Ozz Monster, Wild Thang, Boogie Van, Overkill, Rampage, and including Captain USA and The Monster Patrol ride truck as well as many others. We own 21 trucks in total. Paul Shafer Motor sports is the largest individual owned motor sports group of its kind in the world!

Also as of May 18, 2004 we are proud to announce the addition of 2 new trucks. The Kevin Harvick/ KID ROCK #29, and Tony Stewart’s “SMOKE” Monster Trucks. Absolutely no one else in the industry has broken the ice with NASCAR.

In addition to the Monster trucks, we also provide, a wide selection of other exciting features like Freestyle Motocross, Super modified lawn mower racing, tuff trucks, quad wars, transformers, Stunt drivers and more.

So if it be a Civic Center, Coliseum, Arena, Fairgrounds, or Speedway, we would love to come to your area and put on one of our “ROCK-N-MOTORSPORTS MONSTER TRUCK FEST” that folks will talk about for a long time. We are proud to say that “We are no cheap imitation”, “We’re the real thing”.

Here are a few of many accomplishments by Shafer Motorsports trucks!

  • 1990 – Carolina Crusher was Special Events Jamboree World Champ
  • 1992 – 1994 Bear Foot was World Champion
  • 1993 – Monster Patrol was rookie of the year
  • 1994 – Bear Foot Set World Record Jump @ 141.1 Feet. Some of the 12 trucks that competed were: Big Foot, Carolina Crusher, Monster Patrol, Boogey Van, Dragon Slayer, and Grave Digger.
  • 1994 – Bear Foot also set the fastest time in 250 Feet @ 4.59 seconds for a world record. Dodge Sponsored Bear Foot for 5 years.
  • 1994 – Taurus was World Champion.
  • 1994 - Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Boogey Van, Carolina Crusher, and Rampage were featured in Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness 1 computer game.
  • 1997 – Monster Patrol was World Champion on Inside Monster Jam
  • 1997 - Extreme Overkill, Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Boogey Van, and Rampage were featured in Monster Truck Madness 2 produced by Microsoft.
  • 2002 – Ozz Monster toured at “OZZ FEST”
  • 2003 – Paul Shafer Motorsports is going for a new world record for the fastest monster truck!
  • 2004 – Shafer Motorsports breaks the ice with NASCAR and produces the Kevin Harvick/Kid Rock 29 and Tony Stewart's SMOKE monster trucks!
  • 2004 - Carolina Crusher was the 2004 CFP Racing Points Champion!
  • 2004 - Frankenstein and Kevin Harvick/Kid Rock #29 are seen on the Outdoor Channel as a part of the Monsters Of Destruction TV series.
  • 2005 - Carolina Crusher wins the 2005 Championship!
  • Thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web! If you have any questions at all on trucks, shows, sponsorship, or bookings, please call us at 219-785-7377.

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    Latest News

    • Fairs Convention Las Vegas
      Don’t forget if you are going to the IAFE convention at the Paris Convention Center Las Vegas Nov 27 to Dec 1 make sure you call by Paul Shafer Motorsports booth number 538. Paul, Del and Clive look forward to seeing you there.

    • Outback Thunda Joins Shafer-Motorsports
      In a never ending quest for variety and a genuine International flavour Paul recently added leading Australian 3D monster trucks Outback Thunda, current Australian Champion and the all new Tassie Devil Wilderness Campaign.